Personal Colour Analysis

It is a must for those who are desired to look slim, refresh, younger and to have more colours in work wardrobe. Analyst will show and compare colour drapes under client’s chin, turn her younger and more vibrant with the complementary colours that suit her styles. Colour advice on Makeup application will also provided during the session.

Wardrobe Detox

If you have a full of wardrobe and still feel nothing to wear, if you only wear 20% of your wardrobe at 80% of the time, Wardrobe Detox service is perfect for you. We will visit your home, look at your wardrobe and give advice on how to style & accessories for your bodyshape and carry out your personality. You will have a refresh work wardrobe at the end of session. It makes a perfect gift.

Personal Shopping

This is perfect service for those who are always stressed with clothes shopping and for those who don’t have time to shop. Christine will take you to shop and give guidance on how to shop effortless and advice on mix&matching. Even more, Christine will shop everything for you.

price on request
For Head to Toe Image Makeover service please contact us for detail.