有競爭力的企業一直在努力建立和維護正面的企業形象;有遠見的企業持續通過提昇員工的形象來維護企業的正面積極形象,因為員工是最有價值的資產。西方學者雅伯特.馬布藍 (Albert Mebrabian) 博士研究出, 成功第一印象 [55外表觀感.表情.肢體語言,38說話的語調,7內容],所以要出擊致勝,更要懂得掌握裝扮藝術的視覺形象「形象管理」。我們作為「形象管理專家」通過一系列的個人形象管理課程及顧問服務,幫助集團從主管到員工由外表到內心深處更加自信,更有動力,成為企業、集團的形象代言人。

Within 30 seconds of meeting you, a person will make critical decisions about your level of success, competency, educational background and decision-making authority. These decisions are based solely on your dress and behavior – that is your visual image. As business professionals (or aspired to become one), you need to make your first impression the best impression in order to gain respect and trust which will foster the framework of future business relationships. 


Dr. Robert Cialdini of "influence at work" shows us through his work that when an employee look good, it is assumed that his/her skills and products are also good. It is always best when meeting new business clients that the employees look trustworthy and extraordinary, not ordinary. 

How Christine Zhou Style for Men help Your Company
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